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Oligo- asthenospermia is a common now a days this condition is a finding in semen analysis, which leads to the condition of male infertility 40 % of infertility cases. Getting effective result in modern medicine in this conditions are challenging, so many drugs are under trail in modern medicine also. The effective combination of SPESEMEN will help the patients with infertility problem of reproductive age. SPESEMEN improve the parameters described in WHO in semen analysis, sperms are produced in tests and motility is attained in epiddims and by the action of a accessory glands, so we are used the combination which act on testes and also at accessory glands. The selection of ingredient of SPESEMEN depend on the basis of this criteria. CAUSES:-Modern life style in food and habits produce some fertility problems, infection like mumps, varicocile, smoking, severe alcoholism hormonal problems, unhealthy life style are the causes of oligo-asthenospermia. TREAT MENT:- SPESEMEN combination selected based on its effective action in modern era.pre and post evaluation cases showed the effectiveness of SPESEMEN combination. Significant result in the sperm count & motility after completion of the treatment. DISCUSSION:-By the completion of treatment we can see there is a remarkable improvement in sperm count & motility. This effect is may be to the ideal selection of SPESEMEN and its effective combination. These foods may have action in testes and also in accessory glands. The SPESEMEN have action in reproductive system. The dose required only 10 grams due to the process involved in preparation. The drug has action in other semen analysis parameters like increasing volume, controlling infection & normalizing liquefaction time. This foods has an peculiar action to make conception may be due to its action of acrosome of sperm cell by giving fast penetrating to ovum, SPESEMEN will also give a good health feeling in daily life due to the anti oxidant property of SPESEMEN like amalaki &mental relaxation b food like aswagandha. The excellent result of this combination of SPESEMEN may be due to the selection of foods wih different rasas but with common vrushya property. SUMMAR:- A BABY is the connecting link between two different families after marriage so infertility is a familial and social issue now a days, conception is a task after marriage. It is being a social problem than a disease, couples are mentally disabled by this infertility problems. 40% of the reasons are related to males and all modern treatments like IUI & ICSI are mostly invented to solve the male factors so an ideal food will contribute and help patients to solve their problems effectively The product of SPESEMEN is a good choice and it will help the Doctors by giving the excellent results. It will be a gift to infertile couples to relieve from their personal grieves and living them like normal couples.